Why Google is important to your company’s online reputation

These days, there is no doubt about how important online reputation is to a company. It can dictate what people think of you and how likely they are to become customers. If your company has a bad reputation, it’s hard to shake it. Almost every company believes that managing this reputation is also very important.

Your online reputation will follow you around the web and can make customer acquisition a lot more expensive. While there are many important factors that can determine your online reputation, Google is at or near the top. It plays an incredibly important role in the perception of your company on the Internet.

But why? What is so special about Google that makes it so important to your reputation? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to take a closer look at in this blog. Read on and learn more about why Google plays such an important role in building your company’s online reputation.

Thanks to Google My Business

When many people think about becoming a customer or want to learn more about a company, they will talk about Google. In many cases, they will be redirected to the Google My Business widget that will appear next to the search results. This is a free profile that you can set up so people can learn more about your business, such as your location, hours of operation, website, and more.

These profiles also have ratings so customers can rate you based on their experience with your company. These rankings are very important as everyone will surely see them when they search for your business on Google. This can be incredible for your company as good rankings can give it more confidence. So be sure to offer great customer service, deliver on any promises, and deliver a great product or service.

On the other hand, a bad Google My Business page that is incomplete or full of bad reviews can look bad for your business. As a result, your online reputation will often depend on how people rate their experience with your company on your Google My Business profile page. If you’re having trouble, there are services like GMB Gorilla that can help improve and optimize your Google My Business profile.

Filling out your profile and keeping it up to date and getting involved in encouraging positive reviews can be a huge help. The higher your ranking and the cleaner and more complete your Google My Business page is, the more credible your company will be to the public. Luckily, this is something you can control, so take the time to work on your page to really shine.

It is the most popular search engine

Another reason why Google is so important to your company’s online reputation is its size and influence. Undoubtedly, the power of Google is on the web. There are billions of Google searches every day from millions of people from all over the planet. No other site can come close to this level of usage and popularity.

Since so many people use it, how your company is represented on Google is often directly related to your reputation. Whatever Google decides to promote on the first page of results will most likely determine how the masses think of your business. While you may have a certain reputation on different social media platforms, this will be of little importance due to what appears when you are searched on Google. 

If the first page is filled with positive reviews or articles about your company, your reputation will often be on top. The opposite is true if it is filled with complaints, bad reviews, or people who have had problems with your company.

While you have no direct control over where Google places these good or bad links, you can do your part to increase the amount of content you want through search engine optimization. If you use SEO tactics such as link building, using the right keywords, page speed optimization, and providing valuable content, you can help boost your positive content in the rankings, which should improve your initial reputation.

It can decide your fate as a company

Google is also important to your reputation as it controls the success or failure of your company. If someone does a general search in your industry and your company doesn’t appear in the initial results, it will be difficult to stand out from the competition. Many may even think that you are a smaller company, simply because of this title, which will contribute to a decrease in reputation.

While no one knows 100% how Google decides how to rank businesses and pages, your reputation will certainly matter and can improve or deteriorate depending on your ranking. If your company is not on the first few pages of Google, no one will think that you are a leader in your field.

While businesses can succeed with poor page ranks (and consequently lower reputations), it’s often much more difficult. Because of this, your page ranking on Google can ultimately determine your destiny as a company, both in terms of your reputation and in other ways. 

Tips for Boosting Your Online Reputation

Now that you know why Google is so important to your online reputation, let’s take a look at some tips on how to improve it. First of all, as we briefly touched on earlier, you need to make SEO an important part of your strategy. This gives you a little more control over what people see first when they search for your business.

The higher the ranking of your site, the better. So take the time to prioritize your blog and provide high quality content regularly. Also, make sure your site is easy, stress-free, and intuitive to use. All of this should help your page’s content rank on the first page of Google, potentially knocking out third-party content that could damage your reputation. 

Another good idea when it comes to boosting your reputation is customer engagement. Be sure to answer any questions, thank people for their kind words, and try to fix problems or deficiencies as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether people reach out to you via email, social media, or even your Google My Business page, try to address their concerns in a kind, timely, and informative way.

Don’t ignore someone just because they’re negative, and never start an argument. Treat them well and figure out what you can do to make them happy or improve their experience. This is a great way to turn negative reviews or articles into a potentially positive situation. A little empathy and understanding can go a long way.

Other useful tips to increase your reputation:

  • Ask customers to write reviews about their experience.
  • Expanding your social media reach.
  • Sharing content created by your users or customers.
  • Working directly with influencers.
  • Sequence preservation.

In closing, we hope this article was able to show you the importance of Google when it comes to your online reputation and helped you discover some great ways to boost your reputation.

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