Why Crypto.com Is Putting Its Name on the Staples Center

At that time, during the decline in cryptocurrency prices, Mr. Marsalec decided to rebrand it in Monaco. He called Matt Blaise, a professor of cryptography at the University of Pennsylvania at the time, who had owned the crypto.com domain name for 25 years. During that time, Mr. Blaze refused to give up the web address and had openly contempt The new digital gold rush.

But this time, Mr. Blaze couldn’t resist. In a blog post in July 2018, he wrote that he “got a growing barrage of offers, many of which were clearly unserious, but few, frankly, of interest, for the crypto.com domain.” He said he “ignored most of them, but it became increasingly clear that sticking to the field made less sense to me.”

Mr. Blaise, now a professor at Georgetown University, declined to comment. In an interview with Zoom from a stark white room in Hong Kong, Mr. Marsalek also declined to discuss what he paid for the Crypto.com domain name, but referred to an article on technology website The Verge suggesting that the address could be worth millions.

In an interview, Mr. Marsalek, 42, a Polish-born entrepreneur, said that Crypto.com and its parent company, Foris Technology, were based in Singapore. The Crypto.com trading app, which allows people to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether and 150 other digital currencies, earns money by taking transaction fees. Mr. Marsalek said the company was profitable but did not provide exact numbers.

“As with all crypto companies this year, the market has been exceptional,” he said. He added that Crypto.com’s revenue between April and June was about a quarter of that of Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, which generated $2.2 billion in revenue in that period.

Crypto.com is the ninth largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily volume, according to CoinMarketCap, a website that tracks cryptocurrency trading and prices. However, a bull market has allowed the company to fund an eye-catching marketing push.

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