MetaSoccer raises 2 million euros to launch the first

Barcelona, ​​Spain, November 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) The operation is backed by international funds such as Play Ventures, Defiance Capital, Parafi Capital, DAO Maker, Kyros Ventures, Metrix Capital and Peech Capital. The advisory board consists of Youtubers Willy Rex, Reven and Kmanus88.

  • The project has already issued 72 million of its tokens (MSU) in private sale and 18 million in public sale.
  • The company’s goal is to elevate MetaSoccer’s professional leagues to current football leagues. With this round of funding, the founders will hire new video game development jobs and invest in marketing activities.

Inspired by projects like Axie Infinity, which recently achieved a market capitalization of $9 billion according to Coingecko, playing for profit is one of the sectors that has managed to raise the most money in the blockchain world. In Spain, video game studio Champions Games is introducing the first Metaverse soccer game, MetaSoccer, which is based on blockchain technology, the NFT project to play for money.

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To continue growth, the company has just raised €2 million in a recent funding round backed by the Play Ventures investment fund. She has advice from industry professionals such as Ath21 and Polygon, in addition to this, she has entered prestigious international funds such as Play Ventures, Defiance Capital, Parafi Capital, DAO Maker, Kyros Ventures and Metrix Capital. Both Defiance Capital and Parafi Capital are two of the world’s most important crypto-focused funds.

MetaSoccer aims both for gamers and football fans to enter the new metaverse, a term referring to a virtual world parallel to the real world in which you interact with other users through digital devices. The ultimate goal of the Spanish startup, as co-founder and COO, Patchi Barrios, explains, “It is the creation of a new generation of local digital football players and clubs, which in the coming years will achieve rankings similar to those of professional football leagues. Ultimately, we hope that the next Messi will be born in the Metaverse region and play on a platform like ours.”

The first step is to allocate the funding obtained for the dual purpose set by the company for 2022: on the one hand, the development and implementation of the video game using new profiles specializing in the development of Golang technologies and onchain programming in solidity. On the other hand, marketing actions will be enhanced to give greater visibility to the project. This will include advisors on digital and football content.

The project is supported by streamers and Youtubers like Willy Rex, Reven and Kmanus88, who have millions of followers. According to Kmanus 88 himself, “MetaSoccer has three main points to be the next milestone in the world of blockchain gaming: it is the first football metaverse with unique characteristics, it has a new economic model based on the symbolic correlation curve that brings stability to the token and as a studio they have had more than 6 years of experience. Experience in video game development.

Three sectors totaling $400 billion

MetaSoccer is part of a new sector that is in full swing, combining blockchain technology, decentralized finance, sports betting and football.

MetaSoccer’s potential audience reaches 40% of the planet’s population. This is because 3.1 billion people play video games. In addition, there are 3.5 billion football fans in more than 200 countries. In addition, 1.6 billion people bet on sports.

This is part of the blockchain and NFT technologies sector, which is another market that is still in its early stage. As a result, MetaSoccer targets three segments with $400 billion in revenue.

A world based on MetaSoccer token: buying and selling assets in the metaverse

MetaSoccer users own their assets on the gaming platform (teams, stadiums, players, etc.) and transactions are made using the MetaSoccer Universe (MSU) token.

They have the ability to create and lead their own teams and generate revenue while playing. It is very similar to real clubs because the user can generate income through their assets, by renting their stadiums, or by selling players. Another way in which the user has to raise funds is through sponsoring their own club.

In addition, coaches can also train their players to improve, in an effort to achieve their maximum performance. At the same time, players grow up and eventually retire.

Currently, MetaSoccer has sold 72 million MSUs in a private presale and 18 million in a public presale. The public sale of its token will be on December 7 through the DAO Maker platform. In addition, the NFT will go on sale on December 25 in the MetaSoccer Market.

About MetaSoccer

Metassoccer is a win-win alternative soccer universe developed primarily on blockchain. The video game was born with the intention of being the starting point for a new paradigm in the football ecosystem, which is decentralized and in which it plays an active role in many ways. This universe is a mixture of $3 billion markets with global impact: video games, football and sports betting, all combined by blockchain and NFT. Metassoccer is part of a new generation of video games where users can earn cryptocurrency through their contributions to the ecosystem.

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