I’d rather own crypto directly instead of Marathon Digital

Desktop Metal: “Okay, listen now. This really matters: This is a pure 3D spec, but I like it more than [3D Systems Corporation]. why? Because it’s only a few dollars. Now, you can lose everything, remember that. But I like the fact that it’s a pure spec. If you handle it this way, you’re in good shape.”

Digital Marathon: “Okay, remember, we only play cryptocurrency. I prefer owning cryptocurrency. I’ve always been honest, I own Ethereum. It has worked well for me. But how do I know it’s going up and why do I know? I don’t know.”

AerSale: “It’s an aviation thing. I mean, what’s wrong with owning Boeing? Boeing is owned by my charitable trust. We talk about it all the time. The stock doubled today. Here’s the opportunity. This is where I’m going.”

Joby Aviation: “Man, it’s a SPAC town here. …no, if you want a SPAC in that line, I’ll give you a Blade. I think the Blade is an inexpensive stock. Love them.”

CuriosityStream: “These entertainment companies, they’re all on hold now. If you want to own an entertainment that I really love, it’s Disney. Boy, that’s the most hated stock in the mass universe, but that’s okay. I’m committed to that.”

Vuzix Corp: “It’s specs, specs, specs. I think people think it’s a guarantee. If you want to speculate on this business, I’m OK with that, but other than that, no thank you.”

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