Crypto Investor Sells Apartment for Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Hoping to Become a Billionaire

A cryptocurrency investor has revealed that he sold his apartment for 4 million Shiba Inu tokens ($SHIB) in the hopes that the meme-inspired cryptocurrency will rise in the future to allow them to become a billionaire.

According to TheSun, citing a Reddit user, they hope that one SHIB token will start trading “at least” $0.01 or $0.10, even if it takes the cryptocurrency “10 or 15 years” to reach this price point. they added:

“And if I lose everything, I don’t really care, I have good work to count on, not much, but I will play to improve it in the near future.”

The newsletter notes that other Shiba investors have recently tied up their life savings in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency and are refusing to sell until they get rich, even when they are homeless.

The cryptocurrency has seen its price soar this year, so much so that one investor who bet $8000 on the cryptocurrency saw the value of the investment increase to $5.7 billion before the price of the token started dropping.

SHIB’s price has soared on a wave of retail that has seen it become the third most popular cryptocurrency on Google so far this year. A study shows that Shiba Inu has received an average of 2.8 million searches per month so far this year, while Bitcoin has received an average of 22 million searches per month. In second place is Ethereum, with an average of 6.3 million searches per month.

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency has become the largest ERC-20 token among the top 1000 Ethereum (ETH) wallets, with a total value of over $2.37 billion, after flipping the Bitpand Ecosystem Token (Best Dollar) and OKB’s OKB OKB.


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