Buying bitcoin with Canada’s first publicly owned, fully regulated crypto platform

As people continue to find ways to protect their fortunes from record inflation figures, they are turning to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

The crypto industry has been booming over the past year. Ethereum has grown 987% since the beginning of the year and Bitcoin 345% (at the time of writing). The reason for this excessive growth can be summed up in one word: inflation.

Inflation is the rise in the price of goods in the economy and usually represents people’s loss of purchasing power. In the US, inflation was 6.2% in October (the highest level in 30 years). In Canada, inflation was 4.4% in September (the highest in 18 years).

With rising inflation continuing to push people to buy cryptocurrencies, safety and security in the marketplace have become vital topics for many cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, one company, in particular, is leading the way in rebuilding Canadians’ trust in the cryptocurrency space – Netcoins.

Buy Bitcoin Using a Regulated Crypto Trading Platform

On September 30, 2021, Netcoins became Canada’s first fully regulated publicly owned and regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

The fact that Netcoins is a Public Company (CSE: BIGG) (OTCQX: BBKCF) (WKN: A2PS9W) means that all Netcoins financial data is public information. As such, anyone can view the company’s quarterly earnings, business operations and leadership announcements.

Being fully regulated means that they must meet all of the regulatory requirements imposed on them by Canadian regulators, including the CSA (Canadian Securities Officials) and BCSC (British Columbia Securities Commission).

These imposed regulations will undoubtedly translate into increased government oversight of Netcoins’ operations – from how the infrastructure is set up to the cryptocurrencies they offer, how clients’ funds are stored, and the fees they charge.

For Netcoins, the regulation was an important step towards giving Canadians more confidence in the platform and buying cryptocurrencies while reforming an industry previously fraught with fraud and failure.

Getting Started: How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada with Netcoins

If you’re ready to buy bitcoin with Canada’s first publicly owned and fully regulated cryptocurrency trading platform, head over to to create an account in just 2 minutes.

First, you will need to go through a verification process before depositing Canadian dollars into your account via wire transfers. Bank transfers and crypto deposits are also accepted.

Once the funds are in your Netcoins account, you can use them to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other cryptocurrencies they offer. Selling is simple and straightforward and only takes about two minutes.

Users on the Netcoins platform can also take advantage of set orders (or self-executing trades at set prices), price alert notifications (so you can stay on top of any price movements with cryptocurrencies) and a popular mobile app that lets you buy and sell crypto on the go. .

One of the biggest advantages of buying Bitcoin with Netcoins is that there are no fees for funding, cash withdrawals, cancellations or limit orders. In other words, you can keep more money when you buy bitcoin.

The best part? Users can start buying bitcoin with as little as $10.

As people continue to find ways to protect their fortunes from record inflation figures, they are turning to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Now, thanks to Netcoins, Canadians can enjoy buying Bitcoin on a fully regulated and reliable crypto trading platform.

Download the Netcoins mobile app today on Google Play or the Apple Store.
* For all questions and comments regarding investors, visit BIGG on their website.

Netcoins have acquired a “Restricted Dealer License”, which is a unique registration used for businesses that do not fall under any other categories (learn more here). While this license applies exclusively to Canada, Netcoins has plans to expand into the US and European markets.

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