Anand Mahindra flags fake news

Indian businessman Anand Mahendra has expressed shock over false news about his investment in cryptocurrency. Mahindra Group Chairman shared screenshots of fake news from “” on Twitter where the businessman gave tips on how to make money fast. The fake article quotes Mahindra as saying: “…Currently, my number one money maker is a new automated cryptocurrency trading platform called Bitcoin Era.” He is also quoted as saying that he earns tens of thousands of dollars on the car’s demo mode.

Anand Mahendra completely rejected the allegations and wrote, “I need to make people aware that this is completely fabricated and deceptive.”

The businessman wrote on Twitter, “This would be very amusing if not unethical and, in fact, dangerous. Someone saw this online and alerted me. I need to make people aware that this is completely fabricated and deceptive. It takes fake news to a new level.”

He explained that he did not invest a single rupee in the cryptocurrency.

“Ironically, I have not invested a single rupee in cryptocurrency,” Anand Mahendra wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first time that Anand Mahindra has become a target of fake news creators. In September of this year, he came across a post that was wrongly attributed. A fake post said that Mahindra supports the stock exchange trading course in middle education.

To which Mahendra responded, “I am flattered that some think my statements are quotable and I have always believed in the power of social media to democratize information and share knowledge. But the downside is wrongly attributing quotes! Better to call them out whenever possible… “.

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