Amsterdam street artist becomes crypto millionaire with one big sale

A luxury goods trading platform has turned Amsterdam street artist Judith De Leeuw, also known as the artist JDL, into a crypto millionaire overnight. Adonis, the Swiss online company, has bought four paintings from the 26-year-old for a sum of €2.5 million in cryptocurrency.

De Leeuw sold a gigantic eight-meter-high artwork, and three smaller artworks, each approximately two meters high.

“It’s weird. I don’t really believe it yet,” De Liu told the NL Times. At first, it ignored the message from the Swiss platform because it thought it was a scam. She enlisted the help of Juul Manders, owner of 433 Football Management Company, to properly research the company. Only then did she make the deal with Adonis.

Street artist often creates her work around social issues and exhibits in public spaces designed to get people to think about a particular topic. The street artist tries to convey the feelings of her subjects through artwork. “I try to make the invisible as visible as possible,” De Liu said.

She said Adonis wanted to buy her pieces because they liked her message. “They really liked the character in my work and saw that I was doing a lot of charity work. They wanted to support me,” Di Leo said.

De Leeuw plans to convert cryptocurrency into real cash by buying, renovating and reselling a castle or property in France. Profits will also go towards fulfilling De Leeuw’s dream of creating artwork in the Arctic to draw attention to climate change. “I want to raise awareness of the climate crisis in the strongest way I can imagine,” De Leeuw said.

It also wants to donate about 1 million cryptocurrency to charities to help children in need.

De Leeuw’s artwork can be found among other places, in Kuala Lumpur, New York, Paris and the Wynwood area of ​​Miami. She plans to continue trading in cryptocurrencies in the future. “This is just the beginning,” said the young artist.

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